What Is Ready Steady Lube

We are a chain of car quick service workshops with presence in Bangalore and Mumbai.

  • We undertake periodic maintenance service and all kinds of running repairs.

  • We do this quickly and efficiently, like a car at a pit stop ready to zip away after a quick service.

  • There is no endless waiting around for the car to be serviced, no dithering, no meandering, no confusing jargons or technical terms, inflated bills, substandard parts, shoddy service but quick, clear, required action at honest prices.

  • At Ready Steady Lube, we firmly believe that world class service should not cost you the world and quality service is not a rare phenomenon but a regular everyday every car occurrence

  • All Ready Steady Lube outlets religiously abide by the principle of quality above all else.

  • You will NOT BE CHARGED for time spent servicing your vehicle but ONLY for consumables.

  • In short there is NO LABOUR CHARGE you only pay for consumables!


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Why Ready Steady Lube

Our Driving philosophy(pun intended) - a car is a precision instrument which when maintained correctly makes driving a smooth pleasurable experience making one almost forget about bad roads or traffic.

We believe that very few things come close to the satisfaction one gets from a smooth driving experience

To this end our car service centers aim at keep your car running as good as new

For far too long obscure many times shady operators calling themselves qualified car technicians have given car owners the old run around where you take your car in for a service not knowing how long it will take the job or without experiencing any perceptible change in performance of your vehicle despite regular service

Not anymore, Ready Steady Lube outlets are here to rescue your cars from poor/non-existent unscrupulous servicing and exorbitant pricing

How we Do It

Qualified, experienced and trained technicians who ensure accurate diagnosis, state of the art equipment to ensure precision, tie-ups with suppliers & distributors to ensure original and steady supply of branded spares, detailed billing, systematic processes to ensure speedy service

  • Ready Steady Lube has developed a mobile app which allows drivers to book a service, navigate to the nearest center, get a cost estimate online as well as access previous service history

  • Ready Steady Lube app allows fleet owners to track service history and service requirements of their fleet

Come one Come all

So, whether you are a private car owner, fleet owner, cab owner we cater to one and all. We can help you design or customise a service package that best suits your car service requirement. So, drive in to your nearest Ready Steady Lube outlet for a fresh new approach to car servicing!

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Our Services

We offer routine maintenance service and undertake running repairs for your vehicles with quick turnaround time. No appointment is necessary walk in at your convenience we are open on holidays, late evenings as well as weekends. You will get service while you wait. We take expert care of any make/model. We use quality parts from OEMs. Our state-of-the-art service bay ensures precision service quickly. From brake repair to batteries, alignments to oil change, Ready Steady Lube is ready to service.

Quick Oil change

Full Brake Service/Replacement

Transmission oil Change

Battery Maintenance/Replacement

Tire Service/Rotation/Replacement

Radiator Flush/Coolant change

Power steering Flush

Fluid Top-up

Electrical check-up

21-point Safety inspection

Any other Running repair

Golden Opportunity for Garage/Workshop owners

In this day and age customers purchase and use services of brands which have kept up with the times, which means only a name in the market place is no longer enough. For a business to truly thrive they need to have a finger on the pulse of the customer which today means embracing technology, understanding the ever-evolving need of the customers for convenience and fast paced solutions. Old business formats need modifications to stay relevant in today’s times. Ready Steady Lube is now offering Car service workshops an opportunity to partner with us and be part of this new Car Service revolution.

We are looking to partner with workshops who meet our technical pre-requisites to establish our presence pan India.

What it would mean for garage owners is access to our car service expertise, training for technicians, supply of superior quality oils/coolants/lubricants, be part of a trusted, fast growing network of car quick service centres including being part of the Ready Steady App network allowing access to whole new set of customers.

Ready Steady Lube app is a one of a kind car service app which allows drivers/ fleet owners to book a service, navigate to the nearest center, get a cost estimate online as well as access previous service history.

In this era of app-based services where there is an app for everything and for everyone car service app for booking service, maintaining a service record and prompting for service when the time comes up is a convenience which is well appreciated by existing customers and will go a long way in helping get new customers.


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